We are specialist in developing customized products for our clients

In order to meet the discerning market requirements, Vedrus facilitates our product development capabilities to design and develop brass and other products exactly as per client's specifications. Catering to the requirements of brass industry, we ensure that our company is well versed with the requirements of our domestic as well as international clients.

Apart from supplying our existing wide range of products, clients from across the globe can also avail customized products from us. Our advanced manufacturing techniques backed by industry experts manufacture products that meet the expectations of our clients, which has helped us to expand our business worldwide.

Our manufacturing unit has a separate department involved in product innovation and creating new developments. Along with the new products being developed at our end we also customize the products for our clients. This department works in consultation with the clients so as to reproduce the client's idea in form of the product.

Customization of products can be related to various factors such as follows:

  • Type of metal
  • Dimensions
  • Shapes
  • Sizes
  • Quality
  • Finish

Based on the sample product or simply the photograph or the drawing of the product, Vedrus is known among its customers to manufacture the exact replica of the product as desired by them. Our company has managed to take a lead in the market in a short period of time due to our capability to adapt to new trends, understanding customer needs and developing new products and new designs continuously. Further we don't bind the customer with the minimum order quantity for standard as well as customized products and accept all large and small orders.